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Owen's Army Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal (enter numbers only): $100,000.00
Total Raised: $100,024.90

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 100
Members Recruited: 106

Conquer cancer with the Jimmy Fund Walk! Join our team.

By participating in the 2017 Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk presented by Hyundai, our team is making every step in the count toward the ultimate finish line: a world without cancer!

Your support goes directly to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s unique 50-50 balance between cutting-edge science and highly compassionate care. Funds raised through the Jimmy Fund Walk enable Dana-Farber leaders to enhance programs and initiatives that serve patients and their families.

Thank you for supporting our team in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. Together, we can conquer cancer!

Team Members:
Total Raised$100,024.90  
General Team Donation$4,065.00  
Michael Lynch$22,920.00  
   Ann Ambrose$300.00  
   Billy Barbi$126.20  
   Jim Barbi$300.00  
   Madeline Barbi$126.20  
   Mick Barbi$326.20  
   Rocky Barbi$126.20  
   Suzanne Barbi$550.00  
   Debbie Bichimer$1,800.00  
   Meg Bichimer$300.00  
   Mike Bichimer$300.00  
   Steven Bichimer$300.00  
   Katherine Childs$337.40  
   Patty Collins$300.00  
   Angela Crispi$350.00  
   David Crispi$300.00  
   Diane D'Ercole$835.00  
   Walter Erwin$300.00  
   Camille Eustis$100.00  
   Christine Eustis$900.00  
   Claire Fallon$300.00  
   Jane Gaffney$300.00  
   John Gaffney$300.00  
   Susan Gaffney$300.00  
   Amy Geckeler$300.00  
   Lisa Glass$300.00  
   Ben Gluckow$300.00  
   Grace Gluckow$300.00  
   Matt Gluckow$300.00  
   Paul Gluckow$300.00  
   Thomas Gluckow$150.00  
   Zach Gluckow$300.00  
   Kate Greco$300.00  
   Susan Gruber$300.00  
   Colby Hoffman$300.00  
   Jean Hoffman$1,845.00  
   Rebecca Hoffman$300.00  
   Robert Hoffman$300.00  
   Sydney Hoffman$300.00  
   Tom Hoffman$3,635.00  
   Chrystal Leeth$300.00  
   Aidan Lynch$100.00  
   Alexis Lynch$100.00  
   Bob Lynch$14,133.50  
   Brian Lynch$300.00  
   Casey Lynch$400.00  
   Charlie Lynch$100.00  
   CJ Lynch$100.00  
   Dan Lynch$300.00  
   Declan Lynch$100.00  
   Ellen Lynch$850.00  
   Eric Lynch$100.00  
   Erin Lynch$400.00  
   Gloria Lynch$300.00  
   Jack Lynch$500.00  
   Jessica Lynch$425.00  
   Jim Lynch$775.00  
   John Lynch$100.00  
   Julie Lynch$3,165.00  
   Kaitlin Lynch$100.00  
   Kristi Lynch$300.00  
   Luke Lynch$100.00  
   MARGARET LYNCH$300.00  
   Megan Lynch$300.00  
   Michelle Lynch$300.00  
   Olivia Lynch$500.00  
   Pam Lynch$300.00  
   Shauna Lynch$100.00  
   Steven Lynch$1,632.00  
   Ted Lynch$300.00  
   Tricia Lynch$400.00  
   Will Lynch$150.00  
   William Lynch$100.00  
   Bill Mahoney$400.00  
   Billy Mahoney$400.00  
   Katie Mahoney$404.80  
   Margaret mahoney$400.00  
   Mary Mahoney$400.00  
   Betsy McCooe Toomey$300.00  
   Brigid Murray$1,900.00  
   John Murray$300.00  
   Maeve Murray$200.00  
   Mike O'Connor$300.00  
   Cathie Prillo$1,000.00  
   Jan Puibello$300.00  
   Andrew Schwerdt$100.00  
   Diane Schwerdt$1,300.00  
   Michael Schwerdt$500.00  
   Paul Schwerdt$300.00  
   Addy Sewack$300.00  
   Julia Sewack$300.00  
   Jerry Sewack Jr.$300.00  
   Jerry Sewack, III$300.00  
   Barbara Tarleton$1,500.00  
   Brian Tarleton$500.00  
   Daniel Tarleton$500.00  
   James Tarleton$500.00  
   Mark Tarleton$400.00  
   Michael Tarleton$9,481.20  
   Mickey Tarleton$500.00  
   Victoria Tarleton$1,525.00  
   JANET VOLKER$300.00  
   Mary Beth Warner$300.00  
   Colleen White$300.00  
   Mandy Xu$791.20  

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