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Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal (enter numbers only): $100,000.00
Total Raised: $124,142.68

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 100
Members Recruited: 116

Team Neuro...supporting brain tumor research!

Team Neuro has helped...

Acceleration of the pace of drug testing

Through the brain tumor therapeutics accelerator program, investigators use cell lines and research models to study potential therapies. This work recently identified the gene MDM2 as an important target in a subset of glioblastoma tumors.

Immunotherapy Sparks Profound Responses
Investigators recently found that 75 percent of laboratory models were effectively cured of glioblastoma when treated with a combination of immunotherapies called CTLA-4 and PD-1 inhibitors.

Brian Tumor Diagnostics Board at Dana-Farber, brings together specialists to review individual brain tumor cases. Brain tumor samples undergo more diagnostic tests than any other cancer center in the world.

The 2016 Jimmy Fund Walk helped…
PD-1 Inhibitor Nivolumab
Investigators have seen promising results from combined immunotherapy and PD-1 inhibition treatments. There have been several approaches identified that are currently being tested in clinical trials. One example is Dr. Lakshmi Nayak’s study of patients with primary CNS non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The results suggest PD-1 inhibitor nivolumab could provide a needed treatment option for patients over 65 who are ineligible for a stem cell transplant.

Personalized Cancer Vaccine: Neovax
Personalized therapeutic vaccines aim to treat cancer by training the immune system (our body’s natural defense system) to identify tumor cells for each patient’s tumor. From preliminary analysis of patients treated on our ongoing Neovax study, the individualized vaccine stimulates tumor specific immune effector cell activity providing proof of concept that the Neovax vaccine can successfully sensitize the immune system to each patient’s tumor. Dr. David Reardon is next investigating a combination of NeoVax and PD-1 inhibitors to determine if this combination further enhances therapeutic benefit.

INSIGhT Clinical Trial Launch
Dr. Patrick Wen, Dr. Brian Alexander, and Dr. Keith Ligon recently launched INSIGhT, a trial that sequences the tumors of patients with glioblastoma to identify those mutations that can be treated with targeted therapy. Participants are then assigned to one of several different trial arms—each with a specific drug. If a treatment is successful, the trial design will preferentially refer other patients with the same genetic mutations to the same arm to maximize the benefit.

The first therapies tested through INSIGhT include inhibitors of EGFR, mTOR1/2, CDK4/6, and TORC/DNA-PK. These drugs target a specific abnormality found in glioblastoma cells.

Please help to support these recent, and exciting advances in brain tumor treatment!

Team Members:
Total Raised$124,142.68  
General Team Donation$0.00  
Debra LaFrankie$300.00  
   Brenda Acevedo$396.20  
   Haley Allcroft$360.00  
   Elaine Anas$325.00  
   Philip Anas$245.00  
   Erica Anderson$400.00  
   Danielle Auger$4,711.60  
   jessica baker$1,000.00  
   Angela Batista$7,126.00  
   Amber Baur$1,726.20  
   Myrian Bednarek Debruyne$452.40  
   Charles Benoit$2,265.00  
   Shannon Block$715.00  
   Jennifer Bombard$300.00  
   margot botsford$300.00  
   Samuel Botsford$300.00  
   Matthew Bradley$300.00  
   Trisha Bradley -Wishard$300.00  
   Aidan Braithwaite$300.00  
   David Braithwaite$300.00  
   Laura Braithwaite$300.00  
   Elisabeth Breinan$376.20  
   Kathleen Brockett$977.20  
   Jennifer Bruno$621.20  
   Victoria Caruso$300.00  
   kevin casey$100.00  
   Taylor Chacon$10.00  
   Dana Chicoine$300.00  
   Ugonma Chukwueke$500.00  
   Rene Collins$1,168.60  
   Judith Conrad$20.00  
   Kimberly Cosky$390.00  
   Mary Crotty$651.20  
   Patrick Curran$800.00  
   Diana David$235.00  
   Keith David$220.00  
   Rosanna Del Mastro$751.20  
   David Dodge$100.00  
   James Doherty$0.00  
   John Doherty$0.00  
   Lisa Doherty$1,353.60  
   Alexander Epshteyn$350.00  
   Doug Fitzgerald$301.00  
   Julianne Fitzgerald$300.00  
   Brittney Fontana$300.00  
   Rujuta Gadgil$300.20  
   Jack Geduldig$450.00  
   Juliana Gigas$300.00  
   Aneleisa Gladding-Hinton$300.20  
   Ben Goldring$3,903.80  
   Daniel Goldring$22,968.60  
   Nate Goldring$3,554.00  
   Tova Goldring$13,072.40  
   elizabeth gutterson$1,500.00  
   Mark HARRIS$300.00  
   Nancy HARRIS$300.00  
   Karla Hood$300.00  
   Michele Hynes$50.00  
   Caroline Kane$315.00  
   Donald LaFrankie$275.00  
   JEAN LAVIN$440.00  
   Arnold Lee$300.00  
   Eudocia Lee$300.00  
   Oliver Lee$100.00  
   Serafina Lee$100.00  
   John Locke$5,125.40  
   Robert MacLaughlin$800.00  
   Shannon Martin$433.28  
   Shelagh McCarthy$380.00  
   Derek McCowan$381.20  
   Kathryn McCowan$5.00  
   Alissa McGrath$839.40  
   Braiden McKnight$2,631.00  
   Jennifer McKnight$300.00  
   Colleen Mento$427.40  
   David Morrissey$300.00  
   Jackson Morrissey$300.00  
   Nathaniel Morrissey$300.00  
   Lakshmi Nayak$0.00  
   Andrew Norden$300.00  
   Eli Norden$100.00  
   Max Norden$100.00  
   Pam Norden$300.00  
   Sam Norden$100.00  
   Wendy O'Neil$1,770.00  
   Thomas Pagliaruli$325.00  
   Andrew Peace$399.80  
   Charlotte Peace$300.00  
   Nic Peace$250.00  
   Amanda Picard$300.00  
   Christopher Poake$400.00  
   Leslie Poake$550.00  
   Majagamy Ramos$300.20  
   David Reardon$0.00  
   Laurie Reich$300.00  
   Ashley Rocco$300.00  
   Stephen Rosenfeld$310.00  
   Sandra Ruland$551.20  
   Swati Samtani$0.00  
   E. Alton Sartor$300.00  
   Jennifer Stefanik$300.00  
   Mickey Stone$0.00  
   Siew Teoh$2,300.00  
   Nancy Tharler$350.00  
   Steven Tharler$3,195.80  
   Paige Tobie$350.00  
   Emily Trainor$300.00  
   Anika Wallschlaeger$0.00  
   Jessica Wen$1,500.00  
   Katherine Wen$1,500.00  
   Patrick Wen$2,760.00  
   Gary Witts$710.00  
   Laura Witts$400.00  
   Lisa Young$8,347.60  
   Rebecca Young$300.00  

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