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Team Police Chiefs Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal (enter numbers only): $143,000.00
Total Raised: $123,724.84

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 140
Members Recruited: 132

Conquer cancer with the Jimmy Fund Walk! Join our team.

By participating in the 2017 Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk presented by Hyundai, our team is making every step in the count toward the ultimate finish line: a world without cancer!

Your support goes directly to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s unique 50-50 balance between cutting-edge science and highly compassionate care. Funds raised through the Jimmy Fund Walk enable Dana-Farber leaders to enhance programs and initiatives that serve patients and their families.

Thank you for supporting our team in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. Together, we can conquer cancer!

Team Members:
Total Raised$123,724.84  
General Team Donation$908.95  
Mark Leahy$2,500.71  
Patrick Foley$1,500.00  
   Sal Albert$300.00  
   Fred Alden$1,500.00  
   Michael Alves$1,138.08  
   Gretchen Anderson$500.00  
   James Anderson$300.00  
   Susan Anderson$2,500.00  
   Eric Atstupenas$1,500.00  
   Jillian Atstupenas$300.00  
   Ross Atstupenas$2,500.00  
   James Ayotte$1,500.00  
   Branville Bard$0.00  
   Larry Barrett$300.00  
   Michael Begonis$1,500.00  
   Randhi Belain$1,500.00  
   Timothy Bent$1,500.00  
   Erik Blake$317.44  
   Michael Blanchard$300.00  
   robert Bongiorno$100.00  
   Michael Botieri$300.00  
   Daniel Bourgeois$1,500.00  
   Michael Bradley$3,000.00  
   William Brooks$300.00  
   Peter Carnes$300.00  
   Daniel Charette$300.00  
   Brian Clark$1,500.00  
   Joseph collamati$1,600.00  
   Ed Conley$300.00  
   Chris Conrad$350.00  
   Ellen Conrad$350.00  
   Diana Cooley$786.20  
   Richard Cooley$1,500.00  
   Normand Crepeau$1,500.00  
   Michael d'Entremont$1,500.00  
   Gerard Daigle$1,500.00  
   David Darrin$1,500.00  
   Nelson DeGouveia$2,222.40  
   Christopher Delmonte$0.00  
   Erik Demetropoulos$1,500.00  
   James DiGianvittorio$0.00  
   Kevin Dudley$300.00  
   Jack Dunn$300.00  
   Edward Dunne$1,500.00  
   Marc Duphily$1,500.00  
   Neil Erickson$300.00  
   Robert Ferullo$300.00  
   Ronald Fisette$300.00  
   John Fisher$300.00  
   James Fitzpatrick$300.00  
   Tom Fowler$300.00  
   Gerald Galvin$1,519.46  
   Mary Galvin$600.00  
   Melissa Galvin$300.00  
   Thomas Galvin$1,500.00  
   David Giorgi$0.00  
   Eileen Goodick$300.00  
   Alan Gordon$1,500.00  
   Michael Goulding$100.00  
   Richard Grimes$1,500.00  
   Michael Healy$10,000.00  
   Brittany Hicks$300.00  
   James Hicks$300.00  
   Karen Hicks$874.80  
   Robert Irving$300.00  
   John Janulewicz$319.40  
   T Kaufman$100.00  
   Kevin Kennedy$300.00  
   Mike Kent$300.00  
   Kenneth Kovitch$1,500.00  
   Mark Laverdure$1,500.00  
   Michael Lawn$300.00  
   Ernest Leffler$1,500.00  
   John LeLacheur$100.00  
   Cheryl Lott$1,500.00  
   Jeffrey Lourie$1,500.00  
   Michael Lyle$300.00  
   Thomas Lynch$1,500.00  
   Mary Lyons$300.00  
   William Lyver$1,500.00  
   Becky Marshall$300.00  
   Peter McGowan$1,500.00  
   James McIntyre$1,500.00  
   Richard McLaughlin$300.00  
   Deborah McNamara$300.00  
   Donna McNamara$200.00  
   George McNeil$1,500.00  
   Robert Meaney$300.00  
   Douglas Mellis$300.00  
   Kristen Mellis$300.00  
   Jordan Miglionico$300.00  
   Nick Miglionico$300.00  
   Taylor Mills$300.00  
   DENNIS MINNICH$300.00  
   David Moore$300.00  
   John Moore$1,500.00  
   Michael Murphy$100.00  
   Dawn Nanni$1,500.00  
   Scott Nix$1,500.00  
   Melissa Nydam$753.60  
   Edward OLeary$300.00  
   Paul Paul L Milone$300.00  
   Michael Pavone$5,000.00  
   James Pervier$5,000.00  
   Daniel Rosa$100.00  
   Ted Ross$1,500.00  
   David Ryan$0.00  
   Marian Ryan$0.00  
   Timothy Ryan$2,503.60  
   Wayne Sampson$300.00  
   John Schlittler$2,500.00  
   Janelle Schoch$0.00  
   David Scott$300.00  
   Mark Segalla$350.00  
   Lynne Shaw$100.00  
   Karen Smith$825.45  
   Rick Smith$100.00  
   James Spinney$300.00  
   Brian Stewart$326.20  
   PATRICK swanick$300.00  
   Walter Sweeney$300.00  
   William Taylor$300.00  
   Amy Therrien$500.00  
   Gary Thomann$300.31  
   Allen Tingley$500.00  
   Dennis Towle$1,500.00  
   David Walsh$300.00  
   Robert Willhauck$300.00  
   Steven Wojnar$1,500.00  
   Robin Yannino$526.00  
   Tony Yannino$452.24  
   David Young$2,500.00  

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