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frequently asked questions


Q: Where does the fundraising money go?
A: The money that you raise benefits Dana-Farber Cancer Institute directly. Eighty-eight cents of every dollar given to the Jimmy Fund directly supports cancer research and patient care at Dana-Farber. Check out how your support helps for additional information!

Q: How do I request gifts online?
A: You can advise your donors to give to your Jimmy Fund Walk online by sharing a link to your personal fundraising page.

Q: How do I find my personal fundraising page link? If I am a team captain, how do I find my team page link?
A: Your personal fundraising page link can be viewed and edited in MyHQ:
  • Login to MyHQ
  • Click ‘My Webpage’ tab to view or edit your personal fundraising page link (or your ‘Friendly URL’)
  • Send this link to your network to ask for gifts
If you are a Team Captain, your team’s fundraising page link can be viewed and edited in MyHQ:
  • Login to MyHQ
  • Click ‘My Webpage’ tab
  • Click the ‘Edit my team page’ link to view or edit your team’s fundraising page link.
  • Send this link to your network to recruit team members and request gifts.
  • Please note, the ‘Edit my team page’ link will only be visible for Team Captains.
Q: How do I submit checks or money orders?
A: You or your donors can mail checks or money orders to:

Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk
P.O. Box 3595
Boston, MA 02241-3595

Checks should be made out to Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk.

Please note: Due to the high volume of gifts, it may take up to two weeks for your gift to be processed and appear on your personal fundraising page.
  • Make sure to include your name, address, number of checks enclosed, and Participant ID on the outside of the envelope (Participant ID can be found on the bottom left of your personal fundraising page)
  • Please also include your name and Participant ID in the memo line of the check to ensure proper credit for your fundraising
  • Once the gifts are processed, your personal fundraising page will be updated and you can view all donors through MyHQ or the Jimmy Fund Walk Mobile App
  • Please note, you will not receive an email notification if a donor makes a gift by check. You will only receive email notifications for gifts made online.
  • If there is a specific way that you would like a supporter to be recognized on your page’s Honor Roll, please include a note with the gift
  • If you are also submitting gifts on behalf of another walker, please include these gifts in a separate envelope with the appropriate information to ensure you each receive fundraising credit
Q: If I set my fundraising goal higher than the minimum, will I be held responsible for the extra money?
A: No. Participants are only required to raise the $300 (or $100 for participants 12 years old or younger on Walk day). However, increasing your fundraising goal is a great way to motivate your donors to continue their support. Many participants set their goal at $1,500 (Star Pacesetter level).

Q: What do I do if people make a check out to me instead of to the Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk?
A: Endorse the check by writing "Pay to the order of the Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk” and signing your name on the back of the check.

Q: If my supporters give me cash gifts, how do I submit them?
A: We cannot accept cash gifts. If your supporters give you cash, your options for submitting the gifts are:
  • Have a money order filled out with your supporter's information to ensure they receive full recognition for the gifts
  • Make a gift on your personal fundraising page for the amount of cash you’ve received and charge it with your credit card. Enter your supporter’s information in the online form with your credit card information to ensure they receive proper credit
  • If a supporter sends you cash and you make a gift for him or her online or through your checking account, you will receive the acknowledgement with tax language, not the cash supporter
  • Write a personal check for the amount of the gift, and mail it to us as you would any other check. Please note: If you submit a personal check you will be entered as the official donor, and your name will appear in the reports section of MyHQ. Your supporter will not receive any tax acknowledgment. However, we are happy to use your supporters' names in the Honor Roll if you include a brief note to let us know
  • Please be aware that if you receive multiple cash gifts, and would like individual supporters to be recognized on your Honor Roll, each gift must be submitted as a separate check, money order, or online gift. Only one recognition name can appear per gift
Q: Where can I find my Participant ID number?
A: Your Participant ID is included in the confirmation email you receive upon registration. If you no longer have this confirmation, you can:
  • View your personal fundraising page. Participant ID can be found at the bottom
  • Login to MyHQ and find your Participant ID number displayed on the home screen
  • Call 866-531-9255 or email and we will be more than happy to look it up for you
  • Please note: Your Participant ID number is different from your bib number
Q: Can I move money from one participant to another?
A: When a gift is made to a participant, it can be split among others if desired. For gifts made to the general team fund, the Team Captain must request the transfer. Please contact the Walk staff to move funds.

Q: How do I change my fundraising goal?
A: To change your fundraising goal:
  • Login to ‘MyHQ’
  • Click on ‘Change My Goal’ on the home screen
  • Scroll to ‘Event Information’
  • Enter a new amount under ‘Fundraising Goal’
  • Click update to save
Q: How do I customize my personal fundraising page?
A: To edit the text, picture, or video on your personal page:
  • Login to ‘MyHQ’
  • Click on the link that says ‘My Webpage’
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to make any desired changes
Q: How can I link my personal page to Facebook?
A: If you haven’t already, please download the Facebook App today!

You can also share your personal fundraising page link on Facebook by copying the link into your Facebook status—be sure to include a note about why you walk! If you cannot remember your personal fundraising page URL, you can login to MyHQ to view it on the home screen.

Q: How can I send emails from MyHQ to contacts in my own email address book?
A: You can upload your email address book into MyHQ by following these steps:
  • Login to ‘MyHQ’
  • Click ‘Email Center’
  • Click ‘Address Book Import’ in the gray bar
  • Click ‘Import Wizard Help’ and follow the instructions to upload your contacts
  • Once you have imported your contacts, you can send them emails by using the MyHQ ‘Email Center’
Q: Where can I find a list of people who have made contributions to my Walk?
A: To access a list of your donors and to see the dollar amount of their gifts:
  • Login to ‘MyHQ’
  • Select the yellow ‘Reports’ tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Here you will see a list of your donors, along with the amounts they have contributed to your Jimmy Fund Walk
To view additional contact information for your donors:
  • Click the ‘Choose Columns’ link found on the far right above the dark blue heading (above the ‘check number’ heading)
  • Select the ‘email address’ box, along with the boxes: address line 1, address line 2, city, state, postal code/ZIP to view additional contact information for each donor
  • Scroll to the bottom and click save
  • The page will automatically refresh, and again scroll down to the bottom
  • Now you will be able to view the names of your donors, the gift amounts given, the email addresses, and the home addresses of all your donors. This information is particularly helpful if you wish to send any thank you notes (which we recommend!)
  • You can click on “Export to XLS” to save your list of donors as an Excel file
We recommend saving your donors list post-Walk so you can reach out to your supporters the following year.
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