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frequently asked questions


Q: How do I start a team?
A: Follow our step by step Teams Guide to get your team going!

Q: Is there a limit or minimum to how many people can be on a team?
A: Teams can be as few as two people or as many as you can recruit! Please note that in order to be considered for certain Extra Mile Brunch team recognition, or to have your team’s T-shirts mailed to you in advance of Jimmy Fund Walk day, your team must consist of at least five members.

Q: Does each member of my team have to raise the fundraising minimum?
A: Yes. Each team member participating in the Jimmy Fund Walk on Walk day is responsible for the fundraising minimum of $300, and children 12 years old or younger on Walk day are responsible for $100.

Q: Are we obligated to reach whatever fundraising goal we set for our team?
A: No. The team fundraising goal is a tool to motivate your team and supporters. Each member of the team is responsible for the fundraising minimum of $300, or $100 for members 12 years old or younger on Walk day.

Q: Can a team have more than one captain?
A: Teams can have Co-captains. There is no limit to the number of Co-captains a team can have.

To designate a Co-captain, the Team Captain must:
  • Login to MyHQ
  • Select the ‘Tools’ tab, and click the Assign a Co-captain link
  • Click Update to save
Q: Can I join or start a team if I’m already registered?
A: Yes! If you are registered as an individual, but want to start or join a team:
  • Login to MyHQ
  • Select the ‘Edit my Profile’ tab, scroll to event info at the bottom of the page
  • Select the team you wish to join from the drop down menu or click the link to start your own team and become a team captain
  • Click Update to save
Q: Can general team gifts be split among team members?
A: Yes. When a gift is made to the team, it can be split among team members if desired. This does not happen automatically. Team Captains will need to contact us to request the transfer of funds.

Q: Can a donor make a general gift to my team?
A: Yes. A donor would need to go to your team's webpage and then click on ‘Give to Team’ or click on ‘General Team Donation’ from the list of team members.

Q: Do all walkers on my team have to walk the same route?
A: No. Team members may walk any of the four routes on Walk day, or some members may be Virtual Walkers and not attend Walk day at all, or even participate as volunteers. Team members starting at Wellesley who would like to meet up with teammates who started in Hopkinton are encouraged to do so at Refueling Station #7, which is the first stop for 13.1-mile walkers.

Q: Why should I form a team?
A: Teams can be formed in honor or memory of a friend or loved one, or to represent a company, organization, group, or family. Teams are a great way to show unity and make fundraising and walking more fun.

Q: Is participating on a team mandatory?
A: No. You can walk individually or with a team. Teams are formed as a means to have support in fundraising, training, and camaraderie on Walk day.

Q: What are my responsibilities as a Team Captain?
A: The main role of a Team Captain is to recruit team members and encourage the team's fundraising efforts. In addition, you will have online access to customize your team's fundraising page, communicate important information to your members, and be a general resource for basic questions. Check out our Team Captain Manual for helpful info and tips to get you started.

Q: How will people know I am a Team Captain?
A: Your name will be listed first on your team's fundraising page, with any Co-Captains listed under you.

Q: Can we make our own team T-shirts or decorate the official Walk T-shirts?
A: You can do either! Some teams choose to create their own team T-shirts and others personalize the official Jimmy Fund Walk T-shirts. Here is a list of suggested T-shirt and screen printing vendors.

If you choose to create your own shirts, please contact us for logos and approval of logo usage.

Q: Are there any special resources available for teams?
A: Yes! The Jimmy Fund Walk provides special tools for teams including Team Newsletter templates, a Team Captains Facebook Group, monthly Team Captain updates, a Team Captain Manual, and more.

Q: What is the Jimmy Fund Walk Hero Program? How can my team get involved?
A: Jimmy Fund Walk Heroes are adult and pediatric patients at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute who have volunteered to tell the story of why money is being raised to conquer cancer through the Jimmy Fund Walk. Photos of the Heroes serve as mile and half mile markers along the Boston Marathon® route on Jimmy Fund Walk day.

Teams can request to be paired, or matched, with a Hero in the spring prior to the Jimmy Fund Walk, and walk and fundraise in their Hero’s honor. Match teams and Heroes form a unique relationship and celebrate together at the Hero Match Party each summer.

If your team is interested in participating in the Hero Program, please complete the Hero Match Team interest form.

For more information on the Hero Program, please contact:
Ellen Smith
Hero Program Coordinator, Jimmy Fund Walk
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