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Conquer cancer with the Jimmy Fund Walk!

I love these two photos. The first: four friends who have just changed out of boots and into flip flops at the end of a long day of hiking. We would sleep fitfully in our bunk beds that night high in the White Mountains, under scratchy woolen blankets. We would smush soft pink plugs into our ears to drown out the roof-rattling snores from the mens’ dorm. And in the morning we would laugh our way down the mountain in the rain.

We would not talk about cancer or clinical trials or miracles. We would not mention what we all knew to be true: that this would be the last time we’d ever climb a mountain together. For twenty-four hours, we simply savored the moments at hand: the glorious views from the top, the soggy sandwiches in our backpacks, the slick trail under foot, silly jokes, wet socks, togetherness.

Just over a year after this memorable hike, in October 2010, my dear friend Diane Brewster died of ovarian cancer.

Which brings me to the other photo, which so beautifully capture’s Diane’s legacy – a commitment to ensure a better prognosis for every woman who followed in her footsteps. For the last seven years, it has been my great privilege to be a member of Team Diane, raising money that goes directly to support the cutting-edge research of her doctor at Dana Farber, Dr. Urusula Matulonis. Since Diane’s death, much progress has been made, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Matulonis and her team.

Loss attunes us to what is meaningful. And although a cure may not be possible, healing always is. Diane never once asked, “Why me?” Instead, she said, “Why not me? It could have been any one of us who got sick.”

From the time she was first diagnosed until the final weeks of her life, she worked tirelessly to support ovarian cancer research.

Her courage and commitment are my inspiration. I hope you feel inspired, too!

Thank you in advance for contributing to my walk, for supporting Team Diane, and for making a difference.

Your support means more than I can say!

P.S. Want to meet Diane and see our team in action? Cut and paste this link into your browser to watch our video.

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